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Jane Hendrix is licensed to teach a piano method called Simply Music. Many of her Kindermusik colleagues had recommended the method because the approach is clearly accessible to the majority of people – children, teenagers, adults and seniors alike. It can be learned quickly and easily and the students immediately have the experience of playing great-sounding music.

It is a “Play First” method. Beginning students, with no need to have their attention on music reading, are free to relate directly to the piano. Within months, they experience a real freedom with their playing and develop a deep connection to their instrument as they build an extraordinary repertoire that includes contemporary, classical, blues, jazz and accompaniment pieces.

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Please select the link below to pay online for Simply Music lessons. Registration and payment must be made by August 20, 2017. Please note these fees are based on 36 lessons per year, with an option of an additional 6 to 8  lessons to be scheduled at your convenience over the summer.

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